Frequently asked Questions from occupational disease and accident legal specialists

If you are able to prove that someone else was to blame for your accident and that the accident occurred in circumstances that were negligent and/or in breach of the statutory duty owed to you.  To discuss the merits of any claim you feel you may have, contact us at R&H Law where you will have a free

initial consultation to discuss your claim. This will depend on the individual circumstance of your case and will be assessed following a detailed assessment of your claim. The length of a claim can vary.  Some can settle within a few months whilst others take a few years depending on the complexity of the claim, the type of injury sustained and whether or not the claim goes to court. Many cases are settled before they ever get to court.

Que-es-en-realidad-un-abogado-y-de-que-se-encargan-270x150Nevertheless, your claim will be prepared as if it is heading towards a trial. In normal circumstances if your case is successful you will receive 100% of your compensation. Under a conditional fee agreement (otherwise known as ‘no win, no fee’) you will receive all your compensation in the event that your claim is successful.  Further, if your claim is unsuccessful, there will be no charge to you whatsoever, particularly as Insurance cover can be arranged to settle any defendant costs in unsuccessful claims.

Generally, this is 3 years from the date of the accident. However, there are exceptions such as if you were a child at the time of the accident or if you have been affected by an occupational disease of which you have only just become aware, in which case, you may have longer to enter your personal injury claim for compensation.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALQAAAAJDA0NjA1NzY2LTk0MGEtNDBiZi04MTQ2LTk2MzhhZmI5YzE3OQIn the event that your claim was being funded by insurance in association with a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, you would not have to pay the other Solicitor’s costs if you were to lose your personal injury claim. This is a common work related injury that is caused by prolonged exposure to loud or continuous noise from machinery in circumstances where no hearing protection is provided or where the protection provided is either inappropriate and/or inadequate.  The injury generally arises in occupations associated with using heavy machinery, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and transport. Tinnitus (a constant noise in the ears) is also associated with hearing loss and exposure to noise at work.  This too can give rise to a claim for compensation.

Employers have a duty to protect the hearing of their employees from excessive noise levels and law firms can assist you in securing the appropriate compensation for any injury that you have suffered through exposure to noise at work. As there are time limits for pursuing court proceedings for personal injury, it is essential that you consult a solicitor as soon as you become aware that any hearing loss you suffer is related to your employment. Also known as hand arm vibration syndrome (‘HAVS’) this condition is caused by exposure to excessive vibration from hand tools or vibrating machinery.

The vibration affects the small blood vessels and nerves of the hand causing numbness and whitening of the fingers and/or hands which affects dexterity and causes discomfort and/or pain.

medicaid scam is often these days since people try to get money in easy way. They use medical care providers to gain money for themselves, and because of that, the courts introduced a thorough medical examination in order to prevent the possible frauds. So present your results clearly and do not try to scam the court – otherwise, you could face some serious consequences.

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